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 Beau Secure in back seatBeau Secure in back seatBecause SLINGGUARD covers the gap between the seats, your dog has more room in the back to stretch out or curl up.  You no longer have to worry about him falling down the gap and injuring himself.  There are sides which zip up to complete the cocooned bed area so even the smallest animal cannot slip down.

Both sides are designed so that your pet will not slide around easily.  They are also made of heavy duty  material to prevent claws damaging the SLINGGUARD .  This also ensures seat protection.

There are safety belt access points so that you are able to attach a dog harness should you wish for extra safety.



You can make the SLINGGUARD half seat size by unzipping the middle zip and taking one half and placing it entirely over the other half on the head rests.  This means that it turns into a small bed taking up half of the rear seat and the sides make it like a box shape.  See picture.  This is great for small dogs and puppies to make them feel more secure. 

A medium/large dog ie Border Collie, Golden Retriever etc can still fit in this area and curl up to go to sleep easily, while having a passenger beside him on a clean seat.