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SLINGGUARD has been designed to transport your pet (no matter the size or weight) in the lap of luxury – using luxurious dense quality faux fur on one side, and padded heavy quality 100% waterproof nylon on the other, with a layer of padding in the middle for stability and comfort.  SLINGGUARD is 2.5cm thick!  The quality of these materials ensures that dog hair does not stick - and can be wiped off by hand if needed.

Your pets are key members of your family, and love to travel with you.  As you well know, the only trouble is they are not always clean after a trip to the park, beach or even walking along the road.  They often come back muddy, sandy and very wet. 

SLINGGUARD is fully reversible, so when they are wet and muddy/sandy, you can turn it over to the heavy-duty nylon/canvas side which is 100% waterproof and padded for their comfort. 

The sides of SLINGGUARD are fastened with non-slip zips which allow the sides to be unfastened and hang down when your pet is entering the car – this means that there are no muddy paw prints on the side of the seat.  When your pet is snug within SLINGGUARD, you can zip up the sides which helps prevent the car doors from becoming messy also.

When your pet is clean and dry, the reverse side bed is made of the highest quality dense faux fur - with a small amount of waterproof padding between the two sides - to provide the utmost in luxury.  The moment your dog jumps in, he/she will just want to curl up and relax on his snug bed, and you can transport him knowing he is travelling in complete comfort.