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We love our children but hate the mess they make from their car seats.  SLINGGUARD has reinforced access points to allow for car seat restraints to be used.    


Car seats can be placed directly on your SLINGGUARD, or the SLINGGUARD can be made into a half seat to separate your child from your dog.  Because SLINGGUARD is pouchlike and covers the space between the back of the front seat and the rear seat – when toys, bottles, food etc are dropped by your child, they can easily be retrieved without having to search for the articles at floor level, and your seat remains clean.  

Granny come to visit?  No Problem!

Just unzip your SLINGGUARD down the middle and unclip off the headrests - and in a few seconds she has a clean seat to travel in comfort on.  No more searching for a cloth to clean down the seat first or having to apologise for a dirty seat to sit on.  Should the seat be clean, then just unzip as far as the seat so the "sling" falls down, and she can travel in luxury also!