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SLINGGUARD helps old or arthritic pets travel in comfort.  It is warm and safe, and they have a feeling of security.

To help a large dog get onto SLINGGUARD when it is no longer able to jump onto the back seat and it is too heavy for you to lift – undo the clip holding the front passenger side and unzip SLINGGUARD to seat level.  Move the front passenger seat forward.  This makes more space in the rear and means that your dog can now step easily into the passenger footwell, and then make his way onto the back seat easily without having to jump.  Once he is settled, you can move the front seat back into place and refix SLINGGUARD so he can feel safe moving around in the back.  

 Should you have a large pet that is sick which needs to be transported somewhere eg a vet, and it is too heavy to be lifted easily without injuring yourself and your pet, then you can put SLINGGUARD onto the floor and manoeuvre your pet onto it lengthways as it would lie on the backseat.  You and a partner can then put the sides together and make a sling to carry your pet to the car without disturbing or injuring him more.  Once you are at the car you can then slide SLINGGUARD across the seat with your pet on it and then make it secure.  

Should your pet have been in hospital, it makes it easier on the trip home to lie your pet down comfortably, minimising pain and discomfort.