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Waterproof Dog Seat Protector Canberra

Australian Made Waterproof Dog Seat Protector for Transporting Animals around Canberra

Pets are members of the family and deserve to travel in comfort. SLINGGUARD’s luxury dog seat protector provides comfort and safety for animals during transport and keeps your back seat free from fur and muddy pawprints. No more expensive interior detailing for your car, just a comfortable, clean ride.

Having a waterproof dog seat protector while travelling around Canberra with your pets means they ride in comfort and are safe from emergency stops potentially causing injuries from falling between the seats. It attaches to headrests, and the zippered sides allow clean access into any vehicle. Removing hair from the faux fur side is effortless by wiping it down with your hands. The reverse side is 100 percent waterproof and wipes clean with a damp rag.



Multiple uses

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Double Sided

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Easy to Clean

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The dual design of our waterproof dog seat protector enables passengers and pets to travel side by side while traversing Canberra. Simply unzip the two sides and place one on top of the other. For further convenience, access points allow you to install a car seat for your child to catch any snacks or spills from your toddler as a bonus.

Transporting your best friend around Canberra is a clean ride with our waterproof dog seat protector. Not only does it keep your back seat clean, but it provides a safe, comfortable ride for your pets. The split design makes travelling with pets and passengers a breeze. Contact us for more information or to order a SLINGGUARD for your car, truck, or SUV.