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Waterproof Dog Seat Protector Adelaide

Keep your Car Clean with our Waterproof Dog Seat Protector while Travelling Around Adelaide

Travelling with pets means backseats full of fur and muddy footprints. You won’t have to spend another dime on car cleaning in Adelaide with our waterproof dog seat protector. SLINGGUARD is designed for your pets’ comfort and safety along with a cleaner car.

A trip to the muddy dog park or beach is a treat for pets. With a luxury dog seat protector, your pet will travel in style while your car remains clean. We use faux fur on one side to provide comfort for your pet and a waterproof nylon liner on the other for easy clean-up with a damp cloth. Brush the fur side with your hand to remove hair.



Multiple uses

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Double Sided

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Easy to Clean

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Our waterproof dog seat protector also works as a sling for transporting sick or injured animals to the vet in Adelaide. It quickly transforms to allow a lower entry point into the car or can be used as a sling to carry sick or injured animals to and from the vehicle. The sturdy design keeps them secure during transport. The faux fur liner and thick padding will keep your sick animal safe and secure.

Maintaining a clean car while transporting your furry friends around Adelaide is simple with our waterproof dog seat protector. SLINGGUARD is designed to keep backseats fur- and mud-free while providing a safe and secure way to transport your best friend. Contact us for more information on how you can provide comfort for your pets while travelling.