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Waterproof Dog Seat Cover


Keep Your Car Dry with a Waterproof Dog Seat Cover


If you are a dog owner, you know all too well how easy it is for your dog to get wet. Whether they are running around outside on a rainy day or they jump into a puddle at the park, it is impossible to keep your pet dry all the time. A waterproof dog seat cover is the perfect solution to protect your car when transporting a damp dog.



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It is difficult for a pet, especially a dog, to maintain their balance when riding in your car. If your dog is wet, they are more likely to slide around which exposes them to harm. As they are trying to gain traction, the dog will dig their nails into your car seat which may cause rips and tears to the surface. Our waterproof dog seat cover offers a safe environment that prevents the animal from being jostled. If your dog is nice and dry, the protector can easily be flipped over to provide a soft and luxurious area for your pet to rest. Both sides are washable. The waterproof side can be wiped down with a damp towel while the cushioned side can be vacuumed to remove excess hair.


We understand the love and affection that you have for your dog. We designed the SLINGGUARD as a waterproof pet seat cover meant to specifically keep both your car and dog protected from damage or injury. To learn more about our waterproof dog seat cover, feel free to call us on 0413 386 188 or use our convenient contact page for any queries.