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Protective Car Seat Covers for Pets

SLINGGUARD creates Protective Car Seat Covers for Pets and Your Dog

Once you get a pet, he or she quickly becomes a member of your family. Part of that family experience could include anything from bringing them on an adventure to something more serious such as a trip to the vet. A key concern for people who have pets is transporting them safely for the sake of the animal, not to mention the interior of your car.

A Dog Seat Protector is Suitable for Dogs of Any Age

A leading benefit of using our dog seat protector is that you can use it for both puppies and older dogs. The pet car seat protector is adjustable and can be changed into a half seat box to bring a puppy home. It is important not to forget that for a creature that has likely never been outside the environment where it was born, the experience of leaving that area could be initially traumatising. Our seat covers provide the security and protection the puppy needs to ensure a smooth ride to their new home.

Transporting older or sick dogs brings both a comfort and a safety concern. If your dog is sick, the last thing that you want is for the animal to be jostled around on the way to the vet. This causes not only discomfort but could result in making your dog feel much worse. Older canines tend to suffer from ailments such as arthritis, or they are simply not strong enough to maintain their stability while riding in a car. If your dog is too heavy or unable to hop in the car on their own, you can use the SLINGGUARD to lift your dog and place him or her securely in the backseat.



Multiple uses

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Double Sided

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Easy to Clean

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Cleaning Your SLINGGUARD

We created protective car seat covers for pets that are easy for you to clean. The SLINGGUARD is reversible. One side is used if your pet is muddy or wet and the other is soft and padded. Cleaning either side of our pet car seat protector will never be a hassle as the waterproof side can be wiped down with a cloth if it gets too dirty. The luxury side of the product is vacuum safe to remove any loose hair or dirt. If your dog seat protector becomes too filthy, simply unzip down the middle and throw it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and hang it up until it is dry.

A Place for Your Pet to Travel in Comfort

The professionals at SLINGGUARD are dedicated to creating a quality product that you and your pet will feel comfortable using. We strive to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase which is why we offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee. We also offer a warranty good for one year if something should go wrong with the straps, clips, or the SLINGGUARD materials with the exception of any damage caused by chewing. As pet owners, we understand the importance of pet safety.

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