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Pet Owners Turn to SLINGGUARD for the Luxury Dog Seat Covers to Protect their Car and Animal

One of the enjoyable aspects of being a pet parent is taking your animal with you when you go out. Whether it is a quick drive to the store or an extended afternoon playing outside, making memories with your furry friend promises to be a fun time.

Part of the responsibility of a pet owner is to ensure their safety while travelling in the car. SLINGGUARD is the perfect choice in pet seat covers that protects both your animal and your vehicle.

An Adjustable Option

A leading reason why pet owners love our luxury dog seat covers is that it is reversible. If your animal needs a soft place to lay down, flip one of our animal car seat covers to the plushly padded side. The covers are made with three thick layers of material, so your pet stays completely comfortable and stable during their ride.

For the times that you get caught in the rain or your pet has a little extra fun bouncing in puddles, flip the cover over to the waterproof side. This side is made from 100% waterproof dernier which offers full protection from stains while still giving your animal the steadiness they need in the back seat.



Multiple uses

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Double Sided

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Easy to Clean

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Cleaning Your Cover

We understand that cleaning animal car seat covers can be annoying and time-consuming which is why we created a product that is easy to manage on both sides. Our luxury dog seat covers are made using faux fur not only to give your pet a place to snuggle but to provide you with easy maintenance. Most of the pet hair can be wiped off by hand. However, if there is an excess of hair, just vacuum it up. If you want a more intensive method of keeping your pet seat covers clean, they are machine washable on a gentle cycle. Just remember to unzip down the middle before the wash.

The waterproof side of our animal car seat covers will inevitably build up dirt after a day out in the park. However, that is why we created it. If that side of the protector becomes too muddy, let everything dry then brush it away or use a damp cloth.

Quality Animal Car Seat Covers

The team at SLINGGUARD uses only the highest quality products in our luxury dog seat covers. The goal of our company is to provide your animal with a safe mode of transportation while avoiding any accidental damage to your car during the trip. We are confident in the value of our product, but if you have any issues, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply return the product in the original packaging within that timeframe, and we will provide you with a refund. It’s important to note that the material, straps and clips are guaranteed for up to a year, but the damage caused by chewing is not covered.

We look forward to telling you more about our incredible pet seat covers. Please call us on 0413 386 188 or click over to our contact page for more ways to reach us.