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Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover Melbourne


Luxury Dog Car Seat Covers in Melbourne Serve as a Protector for Your Vehicle


If you are in search of a safe and affordable way for your pet to travel in your car in style, look no further than a luxury dog seat protector in Melbourne created by SLINGGUARD. Our unique design is enjoyed by dogs and pet owners alike as they open a new world of transport for your furry friend.



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Benefits of a Waterproof Dog Seat Protector in Melbourne

Taking your dog out to the park or for a trip is a fun experience. Watching your beloved pet run around and have fun brings memories that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, a significant downside of bringing your dog along for a ride is the smells and stains that come along with it. When your dog runs around, especially in an open area, they generally will not pay attention to the dirt they are trekking through your vehicle afterwards.


Our waterproof dog seat protector in Melbourne provides an excellent buffer between your pet and your car. When you confine the odours and mess to one small area, clean-up is much easier. Our dog seat covers in Melbourne are reversible to suit your situation. When your dog is clean and dry, use one side to catch the hair. After a hard day of play and fun, flip the protector to guard your car against a wet or messy dog. Clean up for this side of your seat protector is easy and can even be wiped off by hand when needed.

Many dog owners tend to overlook the possibility of damage to their vehicle if they do not use dog car seat covers in Melbourne. As a pet owner, you probably know all too well the sharpness of your dog’s teeth and nails. Now image those sharp extremities digging into the back seat of your car. Without a safe place for your dog to lie, he or she will likely slide back and forth along the length of your vehicle. When they try to gain their footing, they may inadvertently dig their claws into your seat. Also, if your dog does not have a safe area to sit when they are in the car, you run the risk of injury to your beloved pet as the car twists and turns. A luxury dog seat protector in Melbourne allows your dog to travel in both comfort and security.


Start Planning Your Dog-Filled Adventures


With almost ten years of experience in the dog accessory industry, SLINGGUARD understands the important role our waterproof dog seat protector plays in your Melbourne travel plans. We know that your dog has a special place in your family and provide you with the means to allow your dog to participate in different events. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions about the details of our product or any concerns you may have about using it.

To place an order, please call us on 0413 386 188 or use our contact page for more ways to reach out to us.