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Dog Sling For Car

Protect Your Car and Your Dog with the SLINGGUARD Dog Sling for Your Car

SLINGGUARD is an ingenious dog sling for your car that keeps both your dog and your seats safe. It’s designed to give your dog, regardless of size and weight, a luxurious ride in comfort. There are several advantages in how it works.

This dog sling for your car is two-sided, with each side offering unique functionality. The faux fur side gives your dog comfort and collects loose hair so it can be safely removed without gripping into the material of your car seats. In the event of a spill or a puppy accident, the reverse side comes into play: 100% waterproof nylon keeps the mess away from the car seats. If you’ve ever had to take your dog to the vet when he’s been sick, you know how valuable that waterproofing can be.



Multiple uses

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Double Sided

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Easy to Clean

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SLINGGUARD isn’t just a dog sling for your car, either. It also works to keep goods or storage items in place and prevent potential leaks and spills. Simply set up the SLINGGUARD, load up your car, then tuck up the edges to keep everything from slipping around. As a bonus, it even fits beneath car seats, meaning that your kids can continue to enjoy themselves with all kinds of messy snacks, but you’ll never have to worry about the mess getting onto your cushions.

SLINGGUARD is the perfect solution for travelling with the messiest, but most important things in life. Contact us today to find out more.