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Dog Car Travel Solutions

Why Gear, Accessories and Other Dog Car Travel Solutions Are Important

How often do you put you put your dog in the car? For many dog owners, the answer is ‘every day.’ Often, the easiest way to take dogs for walks that provide the exercise they need is to get in the car and drive to a nearby trail or park. Especially in the heat of the summertime, it can be essential to give your dog the opportunity to go in the water and cool off. Add family trips or time away from home, and most dogs end up seeing the inside of a car frequently. As such, it’s important to think about dog car travel solutions if you are planning on taking your furry friend for regular outings.

New dog owners sometimes assume that their dogs will love the car. They’ve seen photos or videos of dogs sticking their heads out the window—tail wagging, tongue fluttering in the wind, loving life. For every expert traveller, though, there is another dog that loathes the car. Some dogs get extremely anxious about car trips, to the point where they spend the whole time panting, pacing and whimpering. Occasionally, you might even meet a dog who gets car sick. How can you make sure that your dog falls more in line with the ‘head out the window’ dog than the crying anxiety dog?



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How Dog Travel Accessories Can Give Your Pooch a Better Experience on the Road

If your dog hates the car, there ‘s probably a good reason for it. Maybe your dog associates the car with bad memories (such as trips to the veterinarian), or perhaps he/she feels insecure and can never get comfortable inside your vehicle. You can solve the former issue by arranging to have some rewarding destinations for your dog—such as fun trips to the park. The latter issue, though, is best solved by purchasing a few dog car travel accessories.

At SLINGGUARD, we dedicate ourselves to helping dog owners provide a more comfortable in-the-car experience for their animals. For years, we dealt with low-quality dog travel accessories for our own dogs. Eventually, we got fed up and developed our own solution. The result, SLINGGUARD, is a three-layer system that you can install securely in the back seat of your car or the boot. One side is a soft faux fur bed that your dogs will love. The other side is 100 percent waterproof nylon, which you can use to protect your car when your dogs are wet or muddy. The middle layer is durable waterproof padding, which delivers stability, protection and comfort for your dog. Not only does your furry friend stay comfortable in your car, but your car gets protection too!

Purchase a SLINGGUARD Solution for Your Car Today

Dog travel gear such as SLINGGUARD can make the difference between a distressing car ride for your dog and a comfortable, luxurious experience. Whether you are transporting a new puppy or an ageing dog that has trouble getting comfortable, SLINGGUARD can help. It’s even perfect for dogs of any size. Contact us today to learn more or to place your order today.