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Dog Car Seat Covers Australia

Give Your Dog a Comfortable Ride While Also Protecting Your Vehicle: Try out SLINGGUARD Dog Car Seat Covers in Australia

Whether you’re taking your dogs with you on a road trip or just driving them to a nearby park or trail for play, you probably have two main concerns about loading your furry friends in to the car. First off, some dogs don’t like to travel. Second, dogs can damage the interior of your car, impairing a prized possession and reducing retail value. At SLINGGUARD, we help solve both problems by selling dog car seat covers in Australia.

Comfort in the Car with SLINGGUARD’s Dog Seat Covers

First, let’s talk about the comfort of your dog. Dogs get used to the comfortable and stable environment they have at home. Going somewhere else can be exciting but also distressing. The backseat or boot of your car is an especially unappealing spot for most dogs. This space is often slippery and uncomfortable, and simply not made for dogs. Most dogs are especially confused about the backseat. How can they sit or lay down? How are they supposed to get comfortable?

For these reasons, riding in the car can often be on your dog’s list of least favourite things to do. When you buy SLINGGUARD dog seat covers in Australia, though, your dogs will be able to travel in comfort, safety and luxury. SLINGGUARD acts as a portable bed for your dog. However, instead of sliding around in the backseat like a dog bed would if you tried to put it in the car, SLINGGUARD straps in securely and stays put. The three-layer design, meanwhile, ensures comfort for your dogs and keeps the SLINGGUARD in place even as your dog or dogs move around on it. With SLINGGUARD, your dogs might just become fans of travelling in the car.



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Protecting Your Vehicle with SLINGGUARD Dog Car Covers in Australia

As mentioned above, the other wonderful thing about SLINGGUARD covers is the way they protect your car. The three-layer design not only serves to provide comfort, strength and stability, but it also acts as a shield between your dogs and your car’s interior. The first layer is faux mink fur, which is not only soft and comfortable for your dogs, but which also does a terrific job at repelling dirt and dog hair. The second layer is a waterproof padding, which increases comfort and acts as a buffer between wet dogs and your car seats or boot. The bottom layer, finally, is 100 percent waterproof dernier nylon, perfect if your dogs are wet from a swim. Just flip the SLINGGUARD over, and your animals are ready to ride in the car without damaging the interior.

If you are shopping for dog car covers in Australia, you probably have your reasons. Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of money on detailing a dog damaged car, or maybe you are just tired of your vehicle being a mess of hair, dirt and sand. Either way, if you are looking for dog car seat covers in Australia and want something that will provide both comfort for your dogs and protection for your vehicle, SLINGGUARD is the perfect way to go.

Contact us today to learn more about our dog seat covers in Australia, or to place an order for your brand new cover.